Who Will Win Eurovision 2015: The Contenders!


IMG_1106Tonight will see Europe crown the 60th winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. After two semi finals had eliminated thirteen of the competitors on Tuesday and Thursday, we are down to the top 27 who will all perform from 9pm CET tonight. But who will win? We take a look at the main contenders. 


Mans Zelmerlow’s song Heroes has been an early favourite for bookies ever since winning Melodifestivalen in March. The song is catchy, hugely popular with fans and the staging is hugely innovative seeing Mans interact with an animated character using impressive green screen technology.


Il Volovers worldwide have been expressing their love for this year’s Italian entry. The fans have been promoting the song in their thousands on social media and in our poll they have crowned ‘Grande Amore’ the winner of our poll with an overwhelming 95% of the vote. The only thing working against Il Volo is their performance slot. Their song will be the last to be heard and many of the voters will have made up their mind by then.


Tonight marks Eurovision history as it will see Australia perform for the first time ever. As such we always thought they would do quite well. Even just for the novelty of having them in the contest. However when Guy Sebastian was revealed to be the act and his song ‘Tonight Again’ became one of the strongest in the field, he put Australia in contention for the win.


Edurne has a huge fan base outside of Eurovision, but this has grown even more since she was announced as Spain’s entry earlier this year. When she debuted the song ‘Amanacer’ the internet nearly broke, such was the huge interest in the song. Eurovision loves a strong, beautiful female performer, you only have to look back at the last ten years to see that women just do better at Eurovision- Emelie de Forest, Loreen, Conchita, Lena, Dana International and Elena Paparizou have all won the contest. Edurne seems to be the most viable female contender this year and for that reason, I wouldn’t rule her out.


Russia has received a huge backlash in recent years at Eurovision. Last year the twins representing them received huge boos from the audience. However this year Polina Gagarina seems to have turned things around. Her song which brings a message of peace and unity seems to have worked as bookies have slashed her odds this week in the lead up to tonight’s final.


Estonia was another early favourite. Stig Rasta and Elina Born’s Goodbye to Yesterday seems to be carrying on where last year’s dutch entry Common Linnets left off with a folky pop ballad. I do think however that this song won’t do as well as they hope on the night, as it will be strewn amongst many other female/male duos and ballads.


A Monster Like Me has huge gothic kitsch potential and performers Morland and Debrah Scarlat have a decent fan following. The duo are dressed in white which is apparently the most successful colour at Eurovision with more acts winning in this colour than any other.

Outside chances:


Never underestimate Azerbaijan at Eurovision. They seem to finish in the top ten no matter what (with the exception of last year). Elnur has performed solidly with his song ‘Hour of the Wolf’ in Semi Final Two. Not only this but his dancers, provide extra entertainment and high camp value that will have Europe reaching for their smartphones to vote.


Having attended the Family Show for Semi Final Two and watched the live televised performance in Vienna, I can safely say that Nadav Guedj’s Golden Boy has gone down an absolute treat. Israel benefitted from their prime slot in Semi Final Two, performing after a stream of dull ballads. The start of the song is a bit mellow but when that chorus kicks in, everyone was on their feet, clapping and singing along.


Lithuania have one of the best male/female duos this year. Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila have a real chemistry on stage that I think is unmatched by any other act this year. The couple’s voices compliment each other perfectly, when they sing to each other it seems as though they mean every word and then of course there’s that ‘One Kiss’ that they share. I think Europe will fall in love with these two and I think they are the dark horse of the competition.

Who do you think will win Eurovision tonight? Let us know by commenting below.

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