Running Order Revealed for Eurovision Final

IMG_1093The running order for the final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has been revealed. The 27 acts made up of the ten qualifying acts from Tuesday’s Semi Final One, Thursday’s Semi Final Two, the Big Five, hosts Austria and newcomers Australia will compete on Saturday night to determine this year’s winner. Read on to find out the complete running order. 

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest has the potential to be one of the closest in history as many of the favourites have been given slots that are notoriously difficult to win from. Italy will perform last which is considered a bad slot as most people will have made up their mind by then. Israel and Slovenia will perform in slots three and one respectively which may work against them as they are too early on and voters may forget about them by the end of the two and a half hour show. The running order may work in favour of Sweden and Australia who will perform in tenth and twelfth slots respectively, this region worked for last year’s winner Conchita who won from slot eleven. Also in win a shout is Spain performing in slot twenty one. What do you make of the running order? Does it really have an effect on who people vote for? Do you think any country is less likely to win given their performance slot? Share your thoughts with us below.

1. Slovenia

2. France

3. Israel

4. Estonia

5. United Kingdom

6. Armenia

7. Lithuania

8. Serbia

9. Norway

10. Sweden

11. Cyprus

12. Australia

13. Belgium

14. Austria

15. Greece

16. Montenegro

17. Germany

18. Poland

19. Latvia

20. Romania

21. Spain

22. Hungary

23. Georgia

24. Azerbaijan

25. Russia

26. Albania

27. Italy

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