Vienna Day Five: Why Me?!


Well Toto, it’s safe to say we’re very much not in Kansas Berlin anymore. I always knew being used to the comfortable surroundings of a centrally located luxury apartment meant that it was going to take some getting used to staying in a hostel in Vienna. However I was not prepared for the culture shock that lay ahead. Everything about the hostel has put me in really bad form and has led me to yelling the famous words from the Linda Martin song on several occasions ‘WHY ME?!’

Firstly the hostel’s location is awful. The name is a misnomer. Despite being called City Hostel Vienna, the hostel is actually ages away from anything. For instance it takes three trains to get to the Eurovision arena and the City Centre is about an hour away. Then there’s the garrulous green walls (pictured above), a theme that run throughout the building.

The reception desk is manned by a weird old guy who Marty invented a back story for saying that he retired from his main job a a prison guard years ago and has taken up this job as something to do with his spare time. Marty also remarked how at night he goes home to the wife and regales her with stories of how much he loves his job and how he really likes making a difference with ‘the youth’. Hmmm I think Marty has idealised him a little bit too much.

Despite reviews online saying that the hostel is very strict and very few people stay there at any one time, we found it very noisy with large groups of Romanian teenagers roaming the halls, appearing to be playing football in the corridors and the room above sounded like the occupants were climbing the ladders of their bunk beds and jumping back onto the floor below repeatedly and all night long. Meanwhile at the front of the building there were noisy groups of people smoking and talking nonsense all night long. I am aware that we chose to stay in a hostel, however given that its location is crap we thought the noise situation would be better because of this.


You would think that in this day and age that Wi-Fi would come as standard in any accommodation provider. People just expect it. Especially in youth hostels with their clientele who would have probably multiple devices- smart phones, laptops, tablets. However the Wi-Fi in the hostel while existent, doesn’t last very long and you have to constantly reconnect after it has been lost. There is actually a list of rules on the back of the door that states that there is to be ‘No Electronic Devices in the room’. Coincidentally the Wi-Fi cut out completely at 11pm, so we have come to the conclusion that the man on the desk probably cut the signal off at this time to ensure that everyone has gone to sleep.

 Another thing putting a dampner on our arrival in Vienna was the awful weather. It just so happened that we had arrived in the middle of a massive thunder storm. There was very heavy rainfall which meant any slight chance of us braving the hour train journey to explore the city centre was definitely off the cards until the next day.

But enough of this negativity! We have awoken on a new day (to have a shower which has a flimsy blouse for a shower curtain and leaks water into the bedroom). The sun is shining (I think, behind all those storm clouds) and we have our Eurovision tickets for the Family Show for Semi Final 2 at the Wiener Stadhalle Arena! Come on Molly! You Can do this! Let’s see Ireland in the final!

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