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Eurovision Malta Amber

The Maltese entry for 2015 is 23 year old Amber Bondin, who simply goes by her forename Amber. Her song is called ‘Warrior’ and she will battle it out against sixteen other songs in Semi Final Two in an attempt to secure a place in this year’s Eurovision final. We take a closer look at the song, read on to see what we thought.

Amber has a strong Eurovision history and has made it to the final at the Maltese national final for Eurovision every year from 2011 to 2015. She was also a background singer for Kurt Calleja at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012 when he finished in 21st place with song ‘This is the Night’. This year was her opportunity to go it alone with ‘Warrior’.

The song is a bustling amalgam of instruments including (dusty) drums, violins, double bass, and whistles. Amber’s voice is strong but runs the risk of being whiny in parts. The last thirty seconds are particularly atmospheric and the accompanying video adds to this.

No item is safe from Amber as she smashes light bulbs, chandeliers and lamps as she wanders about an old run down mansion attempting to ‘…break through the silence’ while creepy hooded figures play violins lurk in the background. Amber proudly sits atop her throne and also stands strongly resolute in a beautiful garden scene at night reflecting the warrior status she sings about in her lyrics ‘I have no choice but to become a warrior, I had to conquer’.

I think the song will sail through to the final and will most likely finish middle of the field (perhaps in 17th place). What do you make of Amber’s chances? If ‘Warrior’ is one of your favourite Eurovision songs from 2015, then vote Amber in the poll below.

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