Wardrobe Wars: Battle 2!


Eurovision 2015 Wardrobe Wars 2We are pitting another two 2015 Eurovision outfits against each other in this the second battle in our Wardrobe Wars series. Today’s battle sees the Georgian entry, Nina Sublatti’s warrior attire (a la Game of Thrones) go up against the Serbian delight Bojana Stamenov’s sparkly glitzy gown. Read on to view both outfits and vote for your favourite in our poll.

Sneak Peek: Rehearsals Day 3


Eurovision 2015 MontenegroToday say the third day of rehearsals in Austria’s Wiener Stadhalle Arena. We were given a glimpse at how Norway, Montenegro, San Marino, Lithuania, Ireland, Malta, Czech Republic and Portugal would stage their songs ahead of the semi finals next week. Read on to find out more.

Review: Georgia- Nina Sublatti ‘Warrior’

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Earlier today we took a look at Amber’s song ‘Warrior’, now it’s time to review a song with the same title but a different singer. That’s right Nina Sublatti’s song for Georgia at Eurovision 2015 is also called ‘Warrior’ and we take a look at it. Read on to find out our thoughts.

Review: Malta- Amber ‘Warrior’

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Eurovision Malta Amber

The Maltese entry for 2015 is 23 year old Amber Bondin, who simply goes by her forename Amber. Her song is called ‘Warrior’ and she will battle it out against sixteen other songs in Semi Final Two in an attempt to secure a place in this year’s Eurovision final. We take a closer look at the song, read on to see what we thought.

Battle of the Warriors

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Eurovision 2015 Amber Nina Malta GeorgiaWe have reviewed all 40 Eurovision Songs from 2015 over the past three weeks. Today sees the posting of our last two reviews which both share the same title. ‘Warrior’ by Georgia’s Nina Sublatti and ‘Warrior’ by Malta’s Amber will compete in Semi Final 1 and Semi Final 2 respectively, but we want to know who will come out on top in this- The Battle of the Warriors?