Review: Albania- Elhaida Dani ‘I’m Alive’

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Eurovision 2015 Albania Elhaida Dani

The singer Elhaida Dani was chosen to represent Albania in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest when she won the 53rd edition of Festivali i Këngës with the song “Diell” (Sun) in December 2014. Her song was changed to ‘I’m Alive’ earlier this year and we now take a closer look at it. Click to read on.

The Albanian Eurovision song choice has been fraught with controversy.  ‘Diell’ (or Sun in English) was going to be the Albanian entry until songwriters Viola Trebicka and Sokol Marsi withdrew the song from the running. A day later Elhaida announced that the new song would be ‘I’m Alive’.

Elhaida, while only 22, has a very impressive music resume having won Star Academy Albania in 2009, Top Fest (an Albanian song contest) in 2012 as well as having won the first season of the Voice of Italy in 2013. Elhaida is now set to compete in the biggest music competition of them all: Eurovision.

Her (new) song opens with a very memorable guitar and drums sound accompanied by her vocal ‘Hi ih ihs’. It builds on this strong foundation with a great vocal performance and an epic, empowering chorus, that will have everyone singing ‘I’M ALIVE!’ The tempo then goes full circle, back to the slowed down feel we get at the beginning.

Elhaida’s vocal ability is certainly a match for other female popstars currently achieving global success such as Jessie J and Arianna Grande and there is no reason why she shouldn’t be as much as a success. The song also at times reminds me of the One Direction song ‘More Than This’ especially at the very beginning.

The video shows a number of women in various jobs; traffic warden, doctor, chef, firefighter and Elhaida herself on set which reminded me of an updated version of Britney Spears in her video for ‘Lucky’. The slow motion scenes show the women who each have a single tear streaming down their face in reverse as it goes back into their eye.

I think the song will do quite well, and may even be able to break through into the top ten. It will probably help her chances that Elhaida will be a household name in Italy, having won the Voice of Italy two years ago, and there is no doubting that she has one of the strongest voices this year. Something that might hurt her chances may be that quite a few Eurovision die hard fans have expressed a preference for ‘Diell’ the song she was forced to withdraw, but what do you think? Is ‘I’m Alive’ better than ‘Diell’? Is it one of your favourites from this year? If so be sure to vote for it in our poll below.

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