Rehearsals Sneak Peek: Day Two!


Eurovision 2015 Denmark Anti Social MediaToday the acts from Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Albania, Romania and Georgia all got the chance to have their first practice run through on the Eurovision stage. Wiener Stadhalle in the Austrian capital has been totally transformed for the Contest and you can get a little sneak preview of some of the acts by reading on.

Eurovision 2015 Belarus Maimuna UzariFirst of all there were a few acts who disappointed us with the preview photos of their staging. There was Denmark’s Anti Social Media who seem to have gone for a carbon copy of the performance that they gave on the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix selection show earlier this year for their song ‘The Way You Are’. The stage seems to be set up with orange retro looking amps and podiums for their drummer and another for their two backing singers. The second act that was a little bit of a let down were Uzari and Maimuna from Belarus. We were hoping for a recreation of their epic video for their song ‘Time’ which would see a very complex hour glass/sand/running montage. Unfortunately what we seem to get instead is the screen in the background recreating various weather scenarios, reflecting the lyrics of time being like thunder ah ha ah ah.

Eurovision 2015 Hungary Boggie

Also playing it safe was Hungary’s Boggie, however we always expected quite a low key staging of the song ‘Wars For Nothing’ given the subject matter and the slow ballad vibe. It would be nice to see the singers come on to stage one at a time like they did at the national final as it builds the song steadily and finishes with a tumultuous end. We do however seem to get a very ‘Sound of Music’-esque reference with the background in the photo above.

Eurovision 2015 Russia Polina

Then we have Russia who seem to have perhaps the most complex dress I’ve seen in quite some time. In the picture above Polina has four people helping her be put into position. Again this could potentially be quite a static performance, but who knows, if a wind machine is cracked out it could take it up a notch with all the flowing veils billowing about the stage.

Eurovision 2015 Serbia Bojana

Bojana Stamenov from Serbia tries to step things up a notch with her first performance of her song ‘Beauty Never Lies’. She and the rest of her entourage look like they’re ready for a classic Eurovision on stage costume change/reveal from sparkly pixies to girl hippies and boy business execs (think updated version of Buck’s Fizz).

Eurovision 2015 Georgia Nina SublattiFinally we were given an insight into the costume that Georgia would be donning for their performance. ‘Warrior’ singer Nina Sublatti seems to be taking on the role of the warrior with something that come straight off the set of Game of Thrones with crown, feathered shoulder pads and a dress made from animal hide.

Romania’s Voltaj and Albania’s Elhaida Dani also got a chance to sing their songs ‘De La Capat’ and ‘I’m Alive’ respectively for the first time on the Eurovision Stage.

Tomorrow will see representatives from Lithuania, San Marino, Montenegro, Norway, Czech Republic, Malta, Portugal and of course our very own Molly Sterling from Ireland take to the stage for their first rehearsals. Check in here to see how they get on. Have any of the pics from today’s rehearsals got you excited for next week’s live shows? Let us know what you think by sharing your comments with us below.

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