Review: Poland- Monika Kuszyńska- In The Name of Love


Eurovision Poland Monika Kuszynska

The Polish Eurovision entry for 2015 was chosen by internal selection by broadcaster TVP and will see Monika Kuszynska take on ‘In the Name of Love’ in a less than a fortnight’s time in the second semi final on May 21st. We take a closer look at the song in our review. Read on to find out our thoughts.

With a name like ‘In the Name of Love’ we were expecting it to live up to the U2 anthem of the same name. Add to this the fact that the song has to follow in the footsteps of the Polish entry from 2014 Cleo and Donatan whose up tempo rap/pop/folk song ‘Slavic Girls’ proved very popular in last year’s televote. This year’s song is very one dimensional and quite bland. The tinkling piano ballad doesn’t go anywhere and is quite stagnant. Only when we get a hint of an electric guitar and a key change about two thirds of the way through do we see some signs of life, but this is not enough to save it.

The message in the song is a nice one of inclusion and unity between those of us with disabilities and without. Kuszynska explains:

‘Through all my artistic efforts I try to link two worlds that up until recently seemed impossible to combine World of people with and without disabilities. Bridge of understanding between those two becomes stronger and stronger each year. I strongly believe that some day borders separating those worlds will disappear forever. This year Eurovision Song Contest motto is “Building Bridges” and it fits perfectly the idea I convey through my song. The contest’s phrase also inspired me to write lyrics to “In the Name of Love”. Because in the name of love we are able to overcome every barrier, aren’t we?’

The video also lacks any life to it with Monika reminiscing about her past by looking through old photos and dwelling on old videos of her performing before her car accident that saw her become paralysed from the waist down. The video therefore is borderline overly sentimental and I think undoes the message that she is trying to portray in the lyrics of her song.


The song hasn’t gained much momentum with Eurovision fans and many bloggers and bookies maintain that the song will fail to qualify from the semi finals. I am inclined to agree with this summation, but what do you think? Perhaps the song is one of your favourites? If so be sure to vote for it in our poll below.

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