Rehearsals Sneak Peek: Day One!


Eurovision 2015 StageToday say the first round of rehearsals for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. The Wiener Stadhalle welcomed the first batch of Eurovision hopefuls who got to perform on stage for the first time and see how their songs would sound in the live environment of the arena. Read on for a sneak peek at some of the entries.

Eurovision 2015 Moldova Rehearsal

Moldova’s Eduard Romanyuta’s staging seems to have recreated the story from his video for his song ‘I Want Your Love’ as he appeared with his background dancers who were dressed in police uniforms and climbed some intricate scaffolding.

Eurovision 2015 Netherlands Rehearsal

Meanwhile Trijntje Oosterhuis appeared in a sexy open fronted black gown as she walked along the corridors back stage in preparation for her first run through on stage.

Eurovision 2015 Armenia Rehearsal

Genealogy Armenia’s supergroup of six singers reunited from all over the world gave a sneak peek of their staging for ‘Face the Shadow’ as well. They appear to perform all in black with a backdrop of purple and pink lights and the symbol of the family tree which will unite the Armenian diaspora all over the world.

Eurovision 2015 Finland PKN Rehearsal

Finnish punk rock band PKN were busy breaking Eurovision records this week as well as they are set to become the artists with the shortest ever Eurovision song. Aina Mun Pitaa is only one minute and forty two seconds in length.

Eurovision 2015 Belgium Loic Rehearsal


Belgium’s Loic Nottet also arrived at the Vienna host venue today. The ‘Rhythm Inside’ singer was met by a media frenzy backstage as he prepared to practice his song for the first time. The entries from Greece, Estonia and Macedonia also got to run through their songs today.

Tomorrow will see the acts from Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Albania, Romania and Georgia take to the stage for their first rehearsals. Check in here to see how they get on.

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