Review: Cyprus- Giannis Karagiannis ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’

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Eurovision 2015 John Karagiannis Cyprus

The Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2015 will be 21 year old Giannis Karagiannis aka John Karayiannis who will compete in the second semi final on 21st May in Vienna with his song ‘The One Thing I Should Have Done’.  Cyprus have failed to qualify for 6 0f their past 8 attempts and are hoping that Giannis can improve their previous track record. Read on to hear our views on their chances in 2015.

‘One Thing I Should Have Done’ is a simplistic ballad accompanied by acoustic guitar and sees Giannis become Cyprus’ answer to Ed Sheeran.  The song poses an interesting question and has listeners hooked to the end to find out just is that one thing he should have done that could have saved their relationship. We expect some big reveal. Was he unfaithful? Did he make some huge mistake? Has he learnt from this and can somehow fix it? As the song progresses we get a continuous echoed and repetitive refrain and we think, yes finally it’s time for the big reveal only to be disappointed with vague and general lyrics that suggest that he should have been there for his love when they needed him the most in their hour of need. He also maintains that ‘he didn’t come’ and the listener wonders is this ambiguity with the potential sexual inference the preferred meaning of the lyrics, or was this accidental? Who knows?

The video is minimalist with a close up of Giannis in his hipster glasses, waistcoat and face fluff while the lights of the city below flicker in the background. All in all a little bit lazy.

If Cyprus had received a better placing in the running order then this may have stood a chance of qualification, but as it stand they will follow four really big contenders including Iceland, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Switzerland and so it may be touch and go as to whether or not they’ll get through. What do you make of Giannis’ chances? Is ‘One Thing I Should Have Done’ one of your favourites? If so you can vote for it in our poll.

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