Review: Romania- Voltaj- ‘De La Capat’

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Eurovision 2015 Voltaj Romania

The Romanian Eurovision pick for 2015 is MTV EMA award winners, Voltaj who formed in 1996 and have had more line up changes than Destiny’s Child and the Sugababes put together. The band are hoping to improve on Romania’s recent attempts and get them back into the top 10 for the first time since 2010 with their song ‘De La Capat’ (or ‘All Over Again’ in English). Read on to find out our verdict on the song.

The message of the song which is played out in an emotionally charged video deals with the migration of millions of Romanians who have to leave their homes and family behind in order to find work to support their family. In the video a young boy misses his father who isn’t able to return home for milestone events in his life. The little boy writes letters, phones his father and waits in anticipation by the mailbox for a reply. Meanwhile the band perform the song with the beautiful backdrop of mountain cliffs and the Danube Canyon as well as performing on a giant naval ship.

The song itself has got this strong message powering it, however there is nothing memorable about the music or vocals. The shining moment for the song is the chorus where we get a surge in energy from all the musicians when all the instruments come together and lead singer Calin Goia’s voice is given an opportunity to show its strength.

The lyrics of the song will be performed in both English and Romanian at Eurovision which gives the band a chance to reach a wider fan base. They lyrics however can be misconstrued for instance

‘You will be the reason. You will be the reason. To start all over again’

While this has an intended positive message as if to say ‘The reason I do all I do is for you’. However the meaning could also be misinterpreted easily with negative connotations, as in ‘You’re the reason why I’ve left. I hate you and that’s why I’ve decided to start anew.’

We’re not convinced that the song has enough stamina or appeal to qualify for the final. What do you make of the song? If it’s one of your favourites from 2015, you can vote for it in our poll below.

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