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Eurovision 2015 Knez Montenegro

Montenegro have not had the best track record at Eurovision. In the six years they have competed to date only one of the acts (last year’s ‘Moj Svijet’ by Sergej Ćetković) has managed to qualify for the final and gave Montenegro their best ever result, finishing in 19th place. This year they are back and are hoping to build on their best result so far with veteran Montenegrin pop star Knez. Read on to find out what we think of their song for 2015 ‘Adio’.

The video for ‘Adio’, like the video for ‘Moj Svijet’, could double up as an advert for Montenegro’s Tourist Board. It shows off the spectacular beauty of the Montenegrin landscapes with wonderfully artistic shots of mountains, trees, waterfalls and beaches. This is cut between out of focus shots of Knez, an ageing and balding man dressed in a lizard green blazer who looks like he could have been in Italian 90s band Eiffel 65 (the band that brought us ‘Blue (Dab a Dee)’.  His five backing singers who appear in the video as well all look identical and could all pass for sisters.

The song is a nice ballad that is one of the few songs this year not to be performed in English. There are some interesting traditional Balkan instruments used in the song which gives it its unique sound. There is also a nice rhythm to the song and it could just about see Montenegro qualify for the Eurovision final for the second year in a row. The only thing holding the song back, I feel, is the image of the singer. He looks quite dated, like something from the mid 90s with a creepy goatee beard and ridiculous oversized earrings.

If the song is one of your favourites, you can vote for it in our poll below.

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