Review: Austria- The MakeMakes ‘I Am Yours’

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Eurovision 205 Austria Makemakes

The MakeMakes are a three piece are made up of Dominic “Dodo” Muhrer, Markus Christ and Florian Meindl and were formed in 2012. Since their formation they have had a string of top ten hits in their native Austria including ‘The Lovercall’ and ‘Million Euro Smile’.  Now they face their biggest task to date: defending the Eurovision title with their song ‘I Am Yours’.

Austria have swapped bearded ladies for a man in an oversized hat at a piano this year. Their song ‘I Am Yours’ is a slow piano ballad which ramps up with the inclusion of guitars and drums when we reach the chorus. Apart from this sudden burst of energy the song lacks any real appeal. It doesn’t stand out as particularly special, and in a field of ballads runs the risk of getting lost in the crowd. The vocal is steady but verges on whiny especially when the tempo picks up.

The lyrics aren’t going to win an Ivor Novello awards any time soon with run of the mill, instantly forgettable cliches:

You’re what I belong to, the one thing that feels true
Everything I could ever want
If you ever need me, I’m waiting on you
To walk right through that door, anytime, any place, I’m yours

As of yet there is no official video to accompany the song, just a live performance of ‘I Am Yours’ which could give us an insight into how the band might stage the song on Final night. The video sees lead singer Dodo perform at his piano (with his trademark hat of course) by candlelight. All a bit predictable to be honest.

As defending champions, Austria will automatically compete in the Saturday live final and we think the song will finish somewhere middle of the field, maybe 15th. Is the Austrian entry one of your favourites? Let us know with your comments below or by voting for it in our poll.

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