Review: Azerbaijan- Elnur ‘Hour of the Wolf’

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Eurovision 2015 Elnur Azerbaijan
Until last year, Azerbaijan had an almost perfect Eurovision track record. Since their debut in 2008 they had finished in the top 10 every year with a third place in 2009 with Aysel and Arash, a second place in 2013 with Farid Mammadov and of course their big win in 2011 with ‘Running Scared’ from duo Ell and Niki. 2014 saw their worst result to date when they finished in 22nd, and this year they are back, all guns blazing, hoping to return to their former glory. They have even picked a former Eurovision contestant Elnur who returns to the Eurovision stage with ‘Hour of the Wolf’ following a successful eighth place as part of Samir and Elnur who were Azerbaijan’s first ever representative. We take a look at Elnur’s 2-15 entry.Die hard Eurovision fans may or may not recognise Elnur from the 2008 contest when he performed as part of the group Samir and Elnur. I say may not recognise as he has undergone a complete transformation. He has set aside his feathered angel wings, bleached blonde hair and of course Samir, to go it alone this year. Having won the Voice of Turkey last year, he is really riding the crest of the wave with his fanbase growing ‘Day After Day’.

His 2015 song ‘Hour of the Wolf’ is a slow starter with operatic harmonies and the chimes of clocks. The song is relatively uneventful until Elnur’s vocals are given a chance to shine with the chorus which just keeps building and building. The second half of the song picks up the tempo and by the time we hear the chorus for the second time and get that epicly cheesy key change, we’re hooked.

The accompanying video sees the singer contemplate life as he washes his hands and looks at himself in the mirror. He then wanders through a house that only a hipster could tolerate to live in, as he makes awkward 360 degree turns and fixes art that hangs on a wall all askew. He then takes us outside to a balcony where the cityscape is the background to some more life contemplation. How very broody Elnur!

The song should see Azerbaijan move back into the top ten territory that we are used to, but we want to know what you think of the song! Comment below and if Elnur is your favourite, you can vote for him in our Eurovision 2015 Poll!

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