Review: Estonia- Stig Rasta and Elina Born ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’

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Eurovision 2015 Estonia Stig Rasta Elina Born
Estonia’s choice for Eurovision 2015 is the musical pairing of Stig Rasta (successful Estonian musician from bands Slobodan River, Traffic and Outloudz) and Elina Born (runner-up of the fifth season of Eesti otsib superstaari). The duo have joined forces to bring us the song ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’. Read on to find out what we made of the Estonian entry.Estonia have taken a leaf out of the Netherlands book with an entry that is very similar to the Dutch entry for 2014 ‘Calm After the Storm’ by the Common Linnets. Let’s face it there are worse acts you could try to emulate. The dutch entry after all came in second to Conchita last year and had a huge following. Even the staging is quite similar with the two standing back to back.

The song is an indie/folk/country ballad that sees the male/female duo’s voice work well together taking it turn about to deliver back to back verses before coming together on the chorus. The song is quite sullen, but emotionally evocative nonetheless. The song has been gaining great momentum and it firmly sits atop many of the bookies’ favourites list.

The video is somewhat unexpected. It begins with a nod to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’ with Stig sitting outside a swanky house in the car as it rains. From here we are given flashbacks to the fictional relationship between the two singers who it would appear have had both good times and bad times in the house together. This flits between shots of Elina lying in bed, chopping onions and sitting in a chair, and jumping up and down dancing with a glass of red wine. Meanwhile Stig broods with a bandaged hand in his car, caressing a knife and punching a bathroom mirror.

The song is a strong contender for the win and will probably be battling it out with Italy, Sweden and Australia on final night. What are your thoughts? Is Estonia one of your faves? Then vote for it in our poll.

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