Review: Netherlands- Trijntje Oosterhuis ‘Walk Along’

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eurovision 2015 netherlands trijntje

The Netherlands have really turned their Eurovision fortunes round as of late. After a dry spell of 9 years failing to qualify for the final of Eurovision, Anouk’s ‘Birds’ finished in 9th place in 2013 and then last year the Common Linnets’ ‘Calm After the Storm’ took second place. This year the Dutch entry sees veteran female pop and jazz singer and The Voice coach Trijntje Oosterhuis take centre stage with her song ‘Walk Along’. Read on to see what we made of the song.

‘Walk Along’ is co-written by Oosterhuis and one of her close friends and former Eurovision contestant Anouk. The song seems to focus on a woman of a certain age who is craving the attention of a younger man who isn’t returning her interest in him. This comes out in the song’s lyrics-

‘I can’t seem to get you to look at me one day…this is not a little crush…’

This theme is highlighted again the black and white video which accompanies the song with Oosterhuis doing her best embarrassing mum dancing while a younger tattooed man struts around in the background in a suits, in a hat and at times topless.

The song itself is a zesty, uplifting, uptempo number with a decent refrain of ‘Why? Why I I I I, Won’t you walk along, walk along babaaay!’ Apart from that the song doesn’t really stand out from the crowd and I think that Trijntje will struggle to recreate the Netherlands recent track record at Eurovision. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below and voting in our poll.

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