Review: Serbia- Bojana Stamenov ‘Beauty Never Lies’

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Bojana Stamenov is Serbia's pick for 2015

The last time Serbia won the Eurovision was back in 2007 with ‘Molitva’ by Marija Serifovic. I have to say that this is possibly my least favourite Eurovision winning song ever. I would even say that I despise it. I am happy to say though that I am a huge fan of Serbia’s choice for 2015. Bojana Stamenov is a larger than life character who is constantly upbeat, dresses in colourful clothing and seems like genuinely fun to be around.

Bojana’s song for the contest is ‘Beauty Never Lies’ and is a statement piece that says ‘Sit up and listen! I have arrived!’ The song I would compare it to most would be last year’s winning song ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ by Conchita. It has that bond theme vibe to it with a great vocal with an empowering message which is punctuated with a curt drum beat in the bridge that says ‘Finally- I can say- I’m different- And that’s okay!- Here I am!’

The video is reflective of this message with people who are seen as freaks and outcasts in society being given a voice and singing along to Bojana’s song. The song takes on a different lease of life about half way through when it becomes a dance song, with a trance beat playing over Bojana’s vocals.

I think this song will qualify for the final and will probably place in the lower half of the score board. What to you make of Serbia’s 2015 entry? Let us know below. And be sure to vote for your favourite in our poll.

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