Review: San Marino- Anita and Michele ‘Chain of Lights’

san2In 2014 Valentina Monetta helped San Marino qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time since they debuted at the Contest in 2008. Hoping to continue this trend in 2015 is 16 year olds Anita Simoncini and Michele Perniola with their song ‘Chain of Lights’. 

Although only 16, these two youngsters are no strangers to the Eurovision stage. In 2013 Perniola represented San Marino in the Junior Eurovision finishing in tenth place out of twelve songs. His partner for this year’s contest, Simoncini has also competed at Junior Eurovision as part of girl group the Peppermints in 2014. They finished in fifteenth place out of sixteen acts.

The 2015 entry ‘Chain of Lights’ opens with an almost operatic feel with piano and strings accompanying the younger singers’ voices. The song however delves into that cheesy High School Musical/Glee vibe but suffers from having no real hook or repetitive chorus to stick in people’s minds. The song also suffers from mixed metaphors that don’t really make sense. The title is ‘Chain of Lights’ and while the video represents both of these images literally- locked chains on a door, lights from mobile phones, a zooming light spreading throughout the streets of a city and of course the candles that ignite when you blow on them, it doesn’t really make any coherent sense. When the lyrics do make sense they are forgettable or cringey. ‘If we all walk together, we can build a chain of light…’ yeah sure and world peace!

In addition to this Anita’s vocals are quite weak. Her voice at times appears flat and when she does her whisper harmonies towards the end of the song, it exposes her voice as being weaker than her male counterpart. I predict that this song will see San Marino return to their poor form, as I doubt it will qualify from the Semi Final stage.

What do you think of San Marino’s chances? Have we been too harsh? Let us know your thoughts below, and if it is one of your favourites this year, vote for it in our poll.

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