Review: Lithuania- Vaidas and Monika ‘This Time’

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Vaidas-BaumilaThe Lithuanian entry has two things I hate in a pop song. Firstly I despise a male and female duo. Secondly there is something about over the top cheesy, corny, loved up, flirty lyrics and staging that I just can’t stomach. It’s like something from a really bad amateur musical. However, despite all this, surprisingly, I don’t hate ‘This Time’. In fact this time I feeling love. Looooove. Lo-oh-uh-oh-ooove!

‘This Time’ is Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkyte’s song for Lithuania for Eurovision 2015. The Lithuanian selection process was meant to see them select only one singer, however when the duo performed the song together during the live shows, the chemistry was undeniable and the choice was made to send them both to Vienna. This chemistry is something that a lot of Eurovision fans have picked up on and the duo are highly rated on many Eurovision threads online.

The song is a catchy wee number which the stunningly beautiful pair sing tremendously well together, trilling their way through an infectious chorus and with some great lyrics too like ‘My god, stop for a moment and think. Why don’t, we just go out for a drink? Woah oh uh oh oh oh..’

They do run the risk of crossing that line into cringe territory. When I first watched their live performance and saw that they stopped to share a kiss on the lyric ‘…one kiss…’ my gag reflex suddenly became hypersensitive. Having said that I think this will easily sail through to the final and who knows they could even go as far as Ell and Niki in 2011. What do you think? Share your comments and vote in the poll below.

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