Review: Israel- Nadav Guedj ‘Golden Boy’

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nadavNadav Guedj won the Israeli television show Hakokhav Haba (The Next Star) and as a result will go on to represent Israel in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. The song chosen for the competition was ‘Golden Boy’. Read on to see what we made of the song…

‘Golden Boy’ plays out the same structure as Australia’s ‘Tonight Again’ only it is less successful. It begins quite slow and appears to be a ballad, however after allowing the singer to show off his vocal range it attempts to transform into a dance floor anthem. It however falls short of being a party tune.

The song seems quite dated and also confused. It attempts to merge different genres. For instance it has an Arabian feel to the music with drums, sitar and what sounds like a Turkish flute, but at the same time has sound effects like glasses clinking. The video looks very rushed together at the last minute with minimal effort. It’s boring with some shots of the singer with bright studio lights interspersed with shots of a crowd having a good time. It is very much like X-Factor Winner’s video with a dull montage of footage from the show depicting the winner’s ‘journey’.

Then there’s Nadav’s image. The title of the song is ‘Golden Boy’ which is apt because Nadav himself is a young lad of 16. You wouldn’t know this from his sense of style. They have him dressed in a mawkish tuxedo and if i didn’t know better i would say that he’s pushing 40.

The only positive thing I can say about this song is that it has some of my favourite lyrics from the class of 2015. I especially enjoyed the great use of rhyme in the line ‘Before you leave, let me show you Tel Aviv’. I think that this entry may fail to make it through the semi final stages, but what do you think? Is Israel one of your favourites? If so please vote for it in our poll.

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