Review: Lithuania- Vaidas and Monika ‘This Time’

Vaidas-BaumilaThe Lithuanian entry has two things I hate in a pop song. Firstly I despise a male and female duo. Secondly there is something about over the top cheesy, corny, loved up, flirty lyrics and staging that I just can’t stomach. It’s like something from a really bad amateur musical. However, despite all this, surprisingly, I don’t hate ‘This Time’. In fact this time I feeling love. Looooove. Lo-oh-uh-oh-ooove! Continue reading

Review: Israel- Nadav Guedj ‘Golden Boy’

nadavNadav Guedj won the Israeli television show Hakokhav Haba (The Next Star) and as a result will go on to represent Israel in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. The song chosen for the competition was ‘Golden Boy’. Read on to see what we made of the song… Continue reading