Review: Belarus- Uzari and Maimuna ‘Time’

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belarusBelarus, the country that brought us the instant classic ‘Cheesecake’ last year, have opted for Uzari and Maimuna as their pick for 2015. The duo are made up of male singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna, a pairing that I think works particularly well together. 

Their song is called ‘Time’ and they have really gone to town with this motif in their video with an Aladdin/Arabian Nights theme. We see Maimuna playing her fiddle, trapped inside an hour glass and the sands of time are running out, the risk is that she will die when it fills completely up with sand. Never fear though because Uzari (complete with weird elf pixie ear accessory thing) is on hand to come to the rescue. He can be seen running frantically for most of the duration of the video sand flying in his eyes and when he finally gets to the hourglass to save Maimuna, she tricks him and he is forced into swapping places with her, causing his impending doom.

The song itself is a great wee pop song with a lively tempoed chorus helped out by the inclusion of the fiddle. The lyrics of the song also reflect that time motif ‘Time is like thunder ah ha ahhh. (fiddles) Hear it like thunder ah ha ahhh (more fiddles). All we got is some days and I try not to waste (fiddle explosion)’.

I feel as though this song has been hugely underrated and hasn’t been given the credit it’s due. Many bookies have the song as a rank outsider, but I think, given the right staging (even if they emulate the video), this song could perfrom quite well. It should qualify from its semi final, but I would like to see it go top ten. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite song this year in our poll.


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