Review: Italy- Il Volo “Grande Amore”

Il Volo Italy Eurovision 2015

Il Volo probably had the toughest journey in their quest to be chosen as their country’s national representative at Eurovision 2015. They had to battle it out over a week of concerts against over 20 other competitors in Sanremo 2015, which was the contest that Eurovision drew its inspiration from. Shortly after winning the concert, Il Volo announced that they would accept the invitation to be the Italian entry for 2015 and that their song would be ‘Grande Amore’. 

Since then the trio of classical singers haven’t looked back with their fan base growing exponentially every day and being tipped by bookies to be one of the frontrunners to win the contest. The band is made up of Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto (who could both pass for being a Jonas Brother) and fashionable glasses lover Piero Barone (who could pass less for a Jonas Brother, more for former Macedonian Eurovision entrant Tijana from 2014).

The song is a piano accompanied ballad that really is strongest on the chorus when all three powerful voices are harmonised together in a tumultuous crescendo. The trio’s voices are what really set this song apart from their competitors this year and coupled with their boy band good looks you can see why the bookies love it so much.

The video shows off the band’s playful side and sees them recreate pastiche versions of famous classic movies. Boschetto takes on ‘Ghost’ and sits behind his love interest at the pottery wheel. Barone takes a few punches when defending his lady alongside a retro car which screams out ‘Back to the Future’. Then there is Ginoble who hangs from the ceiling in a superhero mask to recreate the iconic upside down kiss between Mary Jane and Peter Parker in ‘Spiderman’.

This song will definitely be vying for the win come May 23rd, however we think it will just miss out on the top spot and come in in third place. Is Il Volo’s ‘Grande Amore’ one of your favourites? Then you can vote for it in our poll.


  1. Maybe you could get your facts straight about the movie part Piero played in the video. The movie is “Back to the future” and the car is from the 50’s, not the 20’s. And, these guys sing classical pop and they are the best thing to come along in many a year.

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    • I wasn’t being derogatory towards them. Also if it is meant to be back to the future it’s not a great representation of a DeLorean.


      • No, it wasn’t meant to represent the DeLorean…. it was meant to represent the car that the jerk in the movie “BIFF” was in when he was trying to make out with the mother of main character Marty McFly. Marty’s father George McFly got the arm twisting when he tried to intervene. Let me guess… you didn’t see the movie?

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      • I have seen the movie, but not an avid fan. Obvs the reference was lost on me. Suppose that’s intertextuality for you: you either get it or you don’t. Thanks for comments though, have altered the article to reflect this. 🙂

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  2. Why didn’t you list the countries Alphabetically? It would be so much easier to vote. Get dizzy just trying to find IL VOLO., but it won’t deter me from voting.

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  3. THIRD place? Il Volo will win if music really matters to the voters! No one can compare to Il Volo! They not only sing like angels, but are a class act! They are certainly a breath of fresh air in the music world!

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  4. We find Il Volo wherever they are listed. Third place is not an option only number one is where they must be s here is no one com close to their performance.

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  5. It doesn’t matter where Il Volo is listed, we will find them. And Steve, that was a very rude comment. That picture was taken when they were at a gym exercising. Yes, they keep their bodies in shape just like they are always studying and keeping their voices in top form. They dress in suits and ties when they are on stage which shows respect for themselves and their fans. They are a class act with incredible voices.

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  6. Il Volo are more than the best Singers we have in the world today, they are raw talent, no need for autotune. I accept that people have different taste according to what they have been exposed to, but when we get the facts straight, Il Volo has challenged the world of music and win or not, the world is watching them because they have dared to bring something new to the music scene and they will go down in History. not even counting the standard of their entertainment which they have lifted considerably from the low level it has reached. Viva Il Volo. we need you badly in this world!


    • Thanks for your comment. I do agree with you that Il Volo are hugely talented however, I’m not as enthusiastic about them as you are. I don’t think that they necessarily have brought the world something different, as what they do isn’t too dissimilar to the likes of G4, Il Divo, Josh Groban and even The Priests ie bringing classical music genre to a popular audience. Granted these boys are a lot better looking than the singers who have done it previously. But I wouldn’t be under any illusion that what they’re doing is innovative and edgy. …and now comes the onslaught of backlash comments from Il Volo fans…(don’t hate me).


      • No, I won’t ‘backlash’ – as you call it – but point out that in my opinion it is not the genre Il Volo sings but the effect of their voices on my soul! It never happened with any other singer in my long life! I am a music ignorant normally but these voices fascinate me since I heard them for the first time. That is almost exactly on the day 4 years ago. I just feel well when I listen to their songs!


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