Review: Spain- Edurne “Amanecer”

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EdurneSpain’s Eurovision selection for 2015 is Edurne and her song ‘Amanecer’ is hotly tipped to do quite well, as one of the early favourites. Spain’s odds aren’t the only thing that’s hot, the singer is also pretty darn beautiful as well. Edurne oozes sex appeal and in her video for the song she is dressed in a sexy red flowing dress, a real temptress. 

The video looks very expensive, and is probably one of the best Eurovision videos in recent years. Its futuristic/apocalyptic CGI backgrounds, use of animals like soaring eagles and powerful tigers and the story of a half naked man chasing Edurne through a fantastical landscape, is really visually striking.

The song is also great and sees Edurne warble her way through a very infectious chorus, yelling ‘Hiii yah eh yeah’ with a vocal akin to Shakira’s ‘Whenever, Wherever’ or the 2004 Ukrainian winner Ruslana’s ‘Wild Dances’.

Spain seem to have it all this year: a beautiful and accomplished singer, a great pop song, a visually engaging video and the backing of fans. I think Spain may even go top 5 with this. Do you agree? Remember you can vote for your favourite 2015 Eurovision song in our poll.

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