Review: Slovenia- Maraaya ‘Here For You’

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Slovenia’s entry for 2015 is Maraaya, the name a portmanteau of duo’s names  Marjetka Vovk and Aleš Vovk aka”Raay”. Their song ‘Here For You’ was chosen in the Slovene national final in February and since then has gone on to be the first song to sit atop the poll in our Top 40, two weeks ago.

The song started out slow paced with singer Marjetka’s raspy Duffy-esque vocals accompanied by a piano, dressed in a white dress and sporting her trademark bulky headphones. The song’s pace picks up midway with an almost dubstep beat and violins (an odd combination). The staging has everything we’ve come to expect from Eurovision- blue strobe lights, a wind machine, female dancers dressed in black playing imaginary violins (well maybe not the latter).

The song is quite inoffensive, almost immediately forgettable, if not a little bit depressing with it’s lyrics ‘When you’re down down low. And there’s nowhere left to go…’. I reckon may qualify from its semi final, but will finish quite far down the list at the live final on 23rd May. What do you make of the song? Is it one of your favourites? Then vote for it and get it back to the top of our top 40.


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