Review: Belgium- Loic Nottet ‘Rhythm Inside’

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We fell in love with The Voice of Belgium winner, Loic Nottet when we saw his covers of Sia’s songs ‘Chandelier‘ and ‘Elastic Heart‘ on Youtube. His fun and wacky sense of humour really comes put in these videos that seem to take a leaf of of Lady Gaga’s book. He swings from a chandelier, carries out ridiculous dance routines and hits notes that you wouldn’t think he’d be capable of. 

His Eurovision entry for 2015, ‘Rhythm Inside’ continues this wacky and weird sense of humour with a video with many strange characters. This includes a creepy little girl with a doll, unsettling twins that are reminiscent of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’, American football players and Nottet himself with a pale face and red paint gradually oozing out all over his body as the video progresses- giving the video a vampiric quality. Edward Cullen eat your heart out. Literally.

The song itself is one of my favourites this year. It is playful, refreshing (albeit a little bit creepy) and there is no denying the boy can sing! The lyrics are great with an anthemic bridge and chorus and the song is one that is definitely memorable: ‘And if we die tomorrow, what do we have to show, for the wicked games down below, the rhythm inside is telling us so…’

With the combination of a decent song (that at times sounds like Lorde’s ‘Royals’), a good looking young man with a great voice and cheeky smile and a if they do a good job with their staging, I think this song will do quite well. My prediction: it may even break into the Top Ten in the final.

But what do you think of this song? Is it one of your favourites? If so you can vote for it in our poll below.

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