Review: Denmark- Anti Social Media ‘The Way You Are’

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anti social mediaDenmark’s choice for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is boy band Anti Social Media. Anyone who knows me knows I love a boy band – this one however is not one that I am particularly emphatic about. There were many other better boy bands that weren’t picked to represent their country at Eurovision this year. Ones that immediately come to mind include Hungary’s Spoon, Finland’s Satin Circus and even Australian boy band JTR who competed in Melodifestivalen to be Sweden’s entry.

Anti Social Media are a cross between The Hollies and annoying American indie band, fun. The lead singer of the band has a face that is crying out to be punched over and over into a bloody pulp with his weird teeth, smug face, 50s inspired hipster haircut, red handkerchief and oversized collar. Everything about this band is annoying from the smug singer, to the ridiculous name (what have they got against Twitter?) and the overly repetitive lowest common denominator chorus with that humdrum refrain of ‘the way you are. It’s just the way that you are…’

Watch the video for the song below, or do yourself a favour and don’t bother. You’re not missing out on anything if you don’t.

This song may actually perform quite well at Eurovision as its mid tempo poppy infectious chorus could get stuck in the heads of all of Europe. I predict it will finish just outside the top ten. What do you make of the song? Is it one of your favourites? If so vote for it in our poll below.

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