Review: Hungary- Boggie ‘Wars For Nothing’

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boggie…and the award for bad grammar in a Eurovision song title 2015 goes to…Hungary! Yes, let’s get this out of the way first and foremost. Surely there should be an apostrophe in the ‘Wars’ in the title of the song? Surely it means war is for nothing? Or even if it is wars plural then it should be ‘Wars are for nothing’? I don’t know.

Anyway, moving on from this and focusing on the song itself. Boggie’s ‘War For Nothing’ is a nice wee ballad that starts out quite soft and understated. As the song progresses more singers and musicians gradually begin to join in on the song and the result is a powerful crescendo of music and vocals at the end. The lyrics are vaguely political in so far as Eurovision rules will allow and voices sentiments of anti-war. This is reflected in the staging of the song with a list of conflicts in the recent past being flashed up on a screen behind and the number of casualties from each to accompany it.

The song may gain some momentum in the weeks leading up to the Eurovision finals and I think it has a chance of moderate success, given the conflict that is going on in Europe at the minute. Unfortunately this song beat out one of my favourites in the preselection process, boy band Spoon. Nevertheless, there’s something about this song that will get votes.

The video that accompanies the song sees singer Csemer ‘Boggie’ Boglarka perform the song in almost a flash mob style, accompanied by passersby in the streets who join in at random intervals. Check out the video for the song and if it’s one of your favourites this year, then why not share you love for it by voting in our poll.


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