Review: Latvia- Aminata ‘Love Injected’

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Aminata wins Supernova 2015Aminata seems to be Latvia’s answer to hugely popular dance acts LaRoux and Kiesza. And let’s face it there are worse acts you could try to emulate given that both of them have had great success in the European charts as of late. ‘Love Injected’ utilises Aminata’s hauntingly powerful vocal very well, especially with the perfectly timed pause just before she launches into the chorus. The vocal is complimented by electro-synth dubsteppy sounds that work brilliantly well and really sets the song apart from any of the others in the field for having a unique sound.

If the staging remains the same as in the national selection show, then we are in for a bit of a disappointment. There is nothing particularly special about the staging and it runs the risk of being boring. The singer stands in the middle of the stage (looking incredibly well, might I interject) in a red flowing dress and oversized bracelets that would make Cleopatra jealous. She belts out the song surrounded by a cage of strobe lighting that is very much akin to Sweden’s ‘Undo’ entry from last year. However, as we all know at Eurovision, it’s not enough to come out, look pretty and sing a decent song. No, we want theatre, drama and something that is memorable, and unfortunately the staging of this song lacks that theatrical quality.

In terms of her chances, who knows really? While the song is unique, dubstep music has never fared all that well in Eurovision and so it might fail to make much of an impression on fans and may even run the risk of not qualifying from its semi final.

Do you agree with our summation of the Latvian entry for 2015? Then let’s have a chat about in the the comment section below. Or if this is one of your favourites this year then vote for it in our poll.

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