Review: Germany- Ann Sophie ‘Black Smoke’

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Ann SophieThis is a weird one for me. How can you possibly get behind a song when the nation it represents didn’t even pick it as their first choice. At Germany’s national selection final, they chose to pick Andreas Kummert and his song ‘Home is in My Heart’, however moments later the former Voice contestant turned down the opportunity. Instead the decision was made that Ann Sophie (the wildcard selection) would represent Germany in Vienna with ‘Black Smoke’.

The song is quite run of the mill. It’s an okay effort but it doesn’t have the wow factor. It has poor staging with over the top mouth movements and sees Ann Sophie awkwardly rocking back and forth as if singing causes her agony. Ann Sophie’s vocal is no better, it is nasally, off-key, wailing and if you do remember it, it will be for the wrong reasons. The song picks up with an audience clap along drum beat about three quarters of the way into the song, but it’s not enough to save it.

Ann Sophie is a dead ringer for Nelly Furtado and her dress style seems to take inspiration from the Canadian singer’s hit ‘Big Hoops’ with the German sporting over-sized hoop earrings. Apparently ‘The bigger the better the bigger the better the better the bigger…’

Ann Sophie will benefit from being one of the big five nations who automatically qualify for the final because of their financial backing, however I think this song will place quite far down the list of competitors in the final- 19th/20th.

Do you agree with our thoughts? Have we been too harsh? Share your opinions in the comments below and be sure to vote for your favourite song this year in our poll.


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