Eurovision Greatest Hits Features on Gogglebox

Gogglebox's 'Posh Couple' Stephanie and Dominic Parker

Gogglebox’s ‘Posh Couple’ Stephanie and Dominic Parker

Channel Four’s Gogglebox (the TV show about people watching and commenting on TV shows) had as one of this week’s featured shows ‘Eurovision’s: Greatest Hits’. Most of the participants asked to voice their opinions were very scathing of the 60th Anniversary concert but as the show progressed a lot of them were singing along to the back catalogue of Eurovision winners and reminiscing about old times while mimicking the dance moves of the performers.

One viewer was overly critical of Graham Norton’s new facial hair while others commented on Brotherhood of Man’s performance of their winning song ‘Save Your Kisses for Me’. One of the Gogglebox stars noted that it is ‘…the kind of song that would come into your mind on your deathbed’, while a younger viewer noted that it was ‘…so shit, it’s good’.

An older viewer enjoyed the frivolity of the contest noting that ‘In an increasingly wicked and dangerous world it gives us a little break … from nuclear Armageddon‘. Do you agree with the Channel Four show’s synopsis of the anniversary concert? Let us know with your comments below.


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