Dima Bilan Booed at Greatest Hits Concert

Russia's Dima Bilan Booed at Greatest Hits Concert

Russia’s Dima Bilan Booed at Greatest Hits Concert

The BBC’s 60th Anniversary Concert entitled Eurovision: Greatest Hits was staged on Wednesday 31st march in London’s Eventim Hammersmith Apollo. On the night one performer in particular received an unsavoury welcome.  Dima Bilan, the Russian winner from 2008 was booed by the audience when he took to the stage to sing his winning song ‘Believe’ and his second place song from 2006 ‘Never Let You Go’. It is believed that the negative reception was down to the fact that a large percentage of the audience are from the LGBT community and they took exception to Russia’s recent domestic policy which threatens the lives of the gay community living in Russia. The BBC decided to reshoot Bilan’s performance without the boos following host Graham Norton asking the audience to leave politics behind and just enjoyed the performance. The UK channel have been criticised heavily for censoring the booing from the final broadcast as it draws attention away from serious political issues happening in the world. Bilan himself has publicly criticised the Russian government’s policies which have turned a blind eye to and even encouraged acts of violence against people from the gay community.


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