12 Times ABBA were Super Troupers


imageThere is no doubting that Abba have become fashion icons. They are known for their over the top dress sense- sparky numbers, jumpsuits and flares. Below are 12 times when Abba showed they were super troupers and persevered despite having some ridiculous attire. 

The time they tried to bring some Japanese sophistication to European audiences with some kimonos.

imageWhen Agnetha wore blue velour, Bjorn had a jacket of the solar system, Benny rocked chains and Annifrid was a line dancer.


When the ladies lay in the guys’ laps in denim and mullets were all the rage


When they were forbidden to smile image

When they went for futuristic space jumpsuits (and accordion).image

Nice dungarees Bjorn! image

There’s so much to criticise in this one, where do you start. Erm I think with Annifrid’s snake skin leotard. Not to forget Bjorn’s cape and Agnetha’s hot pants, fishnet stocking  random ankle covers combo. image

Ah yes, when all else fails, get the tin foil out! Chic!imageWhen they dressed all in white.imageOr when they dressed all in black.
image We all love a heart shaped midriff reveal. Thanks Agnetha! Sexy!imageAnyone for a Great Gatsby themed party?!

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