A Case For Loreen


imageLoreen Day is almost over, but before we wrap things up for the day we want to set forth a case for you to vote for Loreen and her winning Eurovision song “Euphoria” as the best Eurovision Song Ever in our poll.

First and foremost it must be said that “Euphoria” is an absolute tune! From that opening horn to Loreen’s great vocal, the catchy chorus, infectious drum beat, melodic synth and echoey refrain of Euphoria, the song is a modern floor filler at clubs worldwide.

The song destroyed all of the other competition in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest and was the favourite to win from the start and none of the other acts even came close to matching her.

Not only is “Euphoria” a great song but it really benefited from great staging. From the falling snow to the wind machine and of course that now iconic crab like dance routine that I’m sure most of you attempted to recreate upon hearing the song being played in the club. Loreen really puts on a great spectacle and with “Euphoria” we began to see a singer transform into an artist.

Loreen crab dances her way into our hearts

Loreen crab dances her way into our hearts

“Euphoria” proved popular in the wake of the 2012 contest, reaching number one in many European countries and even managing to have the highest chart position in the UK charts of any Eurovision song for the past 20 years. A great feat considering the British public tend to have quite apathetic attitude at best, scathing attitude at worst towards Eurovision.

Many of the winning Eurovision acts of the last few years disappear the year after they win, but not Loreen.  Loreen has not only enjoyed success at Eurovision but has proven that she has the longevity to make it after the flash fame recognition that comes with winning the contest. Loreen’s album “Heal”, released shortly after her triumph in Azerbaijan, was an international best seller and her follow up “Paperlighs (Higher)” is set to makes similar waves when it is released later this year.

If “Euphoria” is your favourite Eurovision song ever, we strongly urge for you to vote for it in our poll to crown it number one on Friday.

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