Poll: What’s Your Fave Conchita Song

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Today we are celebrating Austrian songstress Conchita Wurst, but we need your help. We want to know what your favoutite Conchita song is. Let us know by voting in our poll below and join the conversation by sharing your thoughts in our comments.

7 thoughts on “Poll: What’s Your Fave Conchita Song

  1. I love all of them but “Unbreakable” is particularly dear to my heart. I saw her sing it twice in the soundcheck in Bad mitterndorf and it was a precious moment. We were so close to her.

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  2. I love them all and life ️she is incredible intense!!! I’ve seen her 3 times so far and right now “you are unstoppable ” is my favorite song!

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  3. Rise Like a Phoenix I guess is my favourite on this list although “Believe” at Starnacht is my all time favourite…..it was the moment I saw a real change in her from just a drag queen singer to a real potential STAR!! She was incredible! xx

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  4. Seen her twice live and can´t wait to the ESC in Vienna.So looking forward to see her at the Pop meets Opera on the 17th of May! My favorite song is the Unbraekable.. can´t help crying when I hear it.. she has such a talent to express the emotions through her singing..just gives me goose bumps !
    Love her!

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