Best Eurovision Song Ever: A Case for Conchita

Can Conchita keep the momentum of her Eurovision win going?

Can Conchita keep the momentum of her Eurovision win going?

Judging by the previous poll results this article seems unnecessary. However we are going to put to you a case as to why you should vote for Conchita Wurst and “Rise Like a Phoenix” as the best Eurovision song ever.

Let us begin with Conchita herself. Conchita mania truly does seem unstoppable and she may have the biggest and most loyal fanbase of any Eurovision winner ever. This may be down to Conchita’s genuine love of her followers. She appears to be genuinely humbled by the positive response she gets from her fans and this was most notably the case when she was overcome with emotion the night she won the Eurovision last May.

Not only this but Conchita wowed us with a great epic pop power ballad with a James Bond-esque fanfare that even Adele would be proud of. image

Conchita’s lyrics also deliver a powerful message. “Rise Like a Phoenix” extends a message of hope and acceptance and shares with Europe how whenever you are at the lowest point in life you can always pick yourself up and triumph in the face of adversity.

In addition to this since winning Eurovision Conchita has consistently has spoken out about LGBT injustices and stood up to those who have had homophobic and transphobic viewpoints including Armenian entrant Aram MP3 and ex commentator for the BBC Terry Wogan. More recently Conchita has commented on how we need to stop talking about issues of sexuality and see people as people and respect them despite their differences.

Conchita has always managed to bring an element of glamour with her no matter what the occasion, showing up in the most chic and stylish outfits possible.

Finally there is the iconic beard. Initially many people dismissed her act as a gimmick, but Conchita has turned the notion of being a novelty act on its head and has become a true Eurovision icon.

Is “Rise Like a Phoenix” your favourite Eurovision song ever? If so vote for it in our poll below and help us crown Conchita the winner.

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