15 Things We Learnt This Week

15 things we learned this week, News



Have you had your finger off the pulse of all things Eurovision this week? Never fear we are here to keep you up to date with 15 things that you may have missed. Read on to find out what happened this week in Eurovision-land!

1. This week we learnt the identity of the last remaining artists chosen to represent their countries at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. This included Russia whose Eurovision silence was broken when they announced this week that Polina Gagarina would be their 2015 entrant with ‘A Million Voices’.

2. Duo Mørland & Debrah Scarlett will represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song A Monster Like Me! The pair beat off stiff competition from 10 other participants in Saturday’s live show including- Erlend Bratland, Raylee, Tor & Bettan, Karin Park, Contrazt, Marie Kalpbakken, Alexandra Joner, Stayman and Lazz, Ira Konstantinidis and Jenny Langlo.

3. Reigning champions Austria selected the Makemakes to defend their Eurovision title. The band will sing ‘I Am Yours’ in the live final on the 23rd May in Vienna.

4. Rumours of who Azerbijan would pick had been bubbling over for weeks and one of the names that was on many peoples’ tongues was Elnur. Fans then weren’t disappointed when the male singer was chosen on sunday night to fly the Azerbaijani flag in Austria with his song ‘Hour of the Wolf’.

5. This week also saw the final of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen which will see Mans Zelmerlow take to the stage for his country with his pop hit ‘Heroes’.

6. While we knew many of the contestants for 2015 some of them had yet to reveal what song they would sing, but all was revealed this week when those left to declare their song choice finally let all of Europe know. This included Montenegro’s Knez who revealed this week that he would be singing ‘Adio’.

7. Joining this week’s revelations was Daniel from Macedonia who announced that the song he would sing would be ‘Autumn Leaves’.

8. While we learnt a few weeks ago that it would be Guy Sebastian representing Australia in their first ever Eurovision Song Contest, we were all wondering what song he would choose. This week we found out that he would choose an entirely new song called ‘Tonight Again’ Which you can listen to below:

9. While some countries were clarifying their choices for 2015, other tried to confuse us this week. Armenia who have chosen Armenian diaspora super group Genealogy and song ‘Don’t Deny’, decided that a last minute name change was needed for their song and it will now be known as ‘Face the Shadow’.

10. Other countries who had revealed their songs long ago had the pleasure instead of releasing their official music videos for their entries. This included one of my favourite songs this year: Iceland’s ‘Unbroken’ by Maria Olafsittidur, who has rebranded herself as simply Maria Olafs and who has altered the lyrics of her song slightly. Check out her new fantastically lit video below:

11. Other acts revealing their official music videos included Serbia’s Bojana Stamenov and her song ‘Beauty Never Dies’.

12. San Marino’s duo Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola also revealed the video for their song ‘Chain of Lights’ which you can view below:

13. One of the interval acts for the live finals was also announced this week. Internationally renowned percussionist Martin Grubinger will take the stage during the interval act for the live final on the 23rd May in Vienna. For his performance he has composed a unique piece that combines classical music with big band music, choral singing with percussion. The nine-minute program will include 40 instrumentalists as well as the Grammy-winning Arnold Schoenberg Choir.

14. It was announced earlier today that fans can buy the official Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Album from the 20th April and will feature all 40 songs competing in this year’s contest.

15. Finally we learnt this week that while Dima Bilan successfully made it into your top ten Eurovision songs of all time through our poll, he would not make it any further, finishing in tenth place overall. Remember that the competition continues with this week’s poll which will determine which sings place eighth and ninth and you can vote for your favourite songs here.

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