Who will represent the UK?

Ever since the UK announced that they would reveal their Eurovision act on 7th March, speculation has been rife as to who it would be. Initial reports seemed to be that it would be an unknown but die hard fans are hoping for something a bit more that will generate a bit of buzz. What we do know however is that the choice will be revealed on Saturday night from 9.30pm on the BBC’s Red Button Service. Below is a list of a few of the names that have popped up in the press in the past few weeks.

Alexandra Burke

Winner of series 5 of the X-Factor, Alexandra Burke was everyone’s number one pick this week when it appeared that she was filming her new video on the same day that the BBC were recording the Eurovision selection video. These rumours were heightened when fans noticed that Burke had a Eurovision shaped hole in her schedule for the Bodyguard musical that she currently stars in on London’s West End. Burke has of course denied all such rumours but then again she would have to wouldn’t she? I think that she would be more than up to the task.

Sam Bailey

If not Burke then why not another X-Factor alumni? Given the Eurovision’s trend to go for ballads this year the most likely former X-Factor contestant then would surely be Sam Bailey.

The Voice Contestant

While it may seem unlikely that the BBC would choose an X-Factor contestant given the ITV link, it may be more likely that they choose a contestant from the Voice, especially since the selection show will happen straight after the Voice airs on BBC One. Names being bandied about include Tyler James, Cleo Higgins and Jermain Jackman.

All Saints

90’s girl band All Saints have be getting back together, breaking up and getting back together again constantly since 2006. They’ve being trying to have a come back, but it’s Never Ever really happened (unfortunately). Could Eurovision be the chance they’ve been waiting for to propel them back into the limelight?

S Club 7

Another blast from the past is S Club 7 and since their reunion on Children in Need and subsequent tour, they have been touted to be appearing on the Eurovision for the UK. There’s only one problem though. Eurovision rules dictate that only 6 performers can appear on stage at any one time and so it would mean that one of the S Clubbers (probably Tina) would get left out.

The Wonder Villains

Since huge successful pop acts failed to make much of an impact in the past few years (Englebert Humperdink, Bonnie Tyler and Blue) the BBC made a change in tact last year choosing a relatively unknown artist from the BBC Introducing scheme. The 2014 pick plucked Molly Smitten-Downes from obscurity and gave her an audience of millions. If they stick to this for 2015, rumours are that Northern Irish band the Wonder Villains could be following in Molly’s shoes. As a Belfast native myself, this news excites me greatly and having seen the band perform their catchy pop hits on a number of occasions, I would love for this to be true.


Who would you like to see represent the UK. Vote in our poll and let us know. You can even add in your own answers.


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