15 Things We Learned This Week

15 things we learned this week, News

teachingThis week really has been hectic with 5 national selections having been made last weekend. Not only that but other countries who had picked their finalists also revealed their songs, Melodifestivalen staged its fourth and final heat and the rumour mill has been working over time since the UK and Australia announced their national selection reveal dates. As always we are here to keep you up to date so below are the 15 most important things that happened this week.

1. It seems only right to start with those countries who chose their entries last weekend and first up was Ireland. After poor performances from some of the favourites (Nikki Kavanagh, Erika Selin) on the night on RTE’s Late Late Show, it was really anyone’s guess who would reign victorious. In the end Ireland opted for 16 year old Molly Sterling and her emotional ballad ‘Playing With Numbers’ which finished just points ahead of second place Kat Mahon’s ‘Anybody Got a Shoulder’.

2. Saturday night now and Eurovision fans had 4 national finals to choose from. First up was Moldova whose lengthy process saw a staggering 16 performances on the night. It finished up that Ukrainian born Eduard Romanyuta and his song ‘I Want Your Love’ proved most popular and would be advancing to represent Moldova at Eurovision.


Slovenia choose Maraaya

3. Slovenia also chose their entry this weekend and have opted for indie pop band Maraaya’s song ‘Here For You’.

4. Next we moved to Hungary which saw the culmination of their A DAL show this weekend. Coming out on top (much to my disappointment as I grew very fond of boy band Spoon) was Csemer Boglarka (AKA Boggie) and her anti-war song ‘Wars For Nothing’.

5. Off to Finland next which saw further disappointment for all you boy band fans. Favourites going into the final Satin Circus were at a ‘Crossroads’ when the results were announced and they only managed to Finnish (sorry for the awful pun) second behind punk bank PKN and their song ‘Aina Mun Pitaa’.

6. Staying in Scandinavia for our next point, but moving swiftly to Sweden and the fourth heat of the Melodifestivalen. Qualifying directly to the final and now not only a firm favourite to win Melodifestivalen but also the entire Eurovision Song Contest is Mans Zelmerlow and his country-pop anthem ‘Heroes’. Also joining him from heat 4 is Australian pop band JTR’s ‘Building It Up’.

Is Mans Zelmerlow the next winner of Eurovision?

Is Mans Zelmerlow the next winner of Eurovision?

7. Heat 4 also saw two more acts make it through to this weekend’s second chance show: Dinah Nah’s ‘Make Me (La La La) and Hasse Andersson’s ‘Guld och gröna skogar’. They will compete in duels on Saturday night against the six other acts who have already made it through from the other heats, four will progress to the final the following week.

8. The battle order has also been announced for the second chance show. You can see who faces off against who and vote in our poll here.

9. France were one of the first countries to announce their Eurovision acts this year, but on Saturday night Lisa Angell took to the stage on France’s TV show Chico and the Gypsies to perform her song ‘N’Oubliez Pas’ live for the first time.

10. Not to be outdone by France, Spain’s Edurne has also unveiled her song ‘Amanecer’ this weekend and it has proven so popular with home audiences that it has already debuted in the Spanish charts.

11. After months of silence, the UK have finally announced their plans for the Eurovision Song Contest for 2015. On the 7th March the BBC will reveal their entry for the 2015 singing competition. Like last year, the song will be chosen by an internal selection process and will debut on the BBC Red Button Service which is available on the BBC Eurovision website for international viewers.

12. A few days before this on 5th March Australia will announce their first ever Eurovision entry. This has sent the rumour mill into meltdown with many well-established acts from the Veronicas to Vanessa Amorossi and Tina Arena to Samantha Jade being touted as potential picks.

13. Armenia continue their lengthy quest to form the most culturally diverse pop band ever. Genealogy consisting of a member from every continent on the planet got another two new members this week adding Australian Mary Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian and Japanese based performer Stephanie Topalian to the line up that is now five strong. Just one more member to go!

14. Austrian Post has been announced as an official partner of Eurovision 2015. As an Official Partner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Austrian Post has been granted extensive media, association, event and new media rights for the upcoming events in Austria. Amongst other activities still in development, Austrian Post will show its support to the contest by branding a significant part of its fleet and postboxes across the whole of Austria.

15. Official branding has begun to be rolled out over Vienna in preparation for the Song Contest’s arrival in May. See photo below:

Eurovision advertising

Eurovision advertising

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