10 Things About Sanna Nielsen

Melodifestivalen hosts Sanna and Robin

Melodifestivalen hosts Sanna and Robin

1. Sanna Viktoria Nielsen was born on 27 November 1984 in the small village of Edenryd in Sweden’s southern reigon of Skåne.

2. Nielsen represented her country at Eurovision in 2014 with her power ballad ‘Undo’ but did you know that this was her seventh competing in the Swedish national selection process Melodifestivalen? Previous songs she tried out with included ‘I’m in Love’ which came fourth in 2011, ‘Empty Room’ which was second in 2008, Vågar du, vågar jag’ which was seventh in 2007, 2005’s ‘Du och jag mot världen’ which came in eighth place, ‘Hela världen för mig’ coming fifth in 2003 and her first attempt was in 2001 with ‘I går, i dag’ which came third.

Sanna Nielsen performs ‘Undo’ at Eurovision final 2014

3. ‘Undo’ came third in the 2014 Eurovision Final but came under some mild scrutiny for the lyrics not making grammatical sense. Sanna Nielsen responded to the criticism with last minute lyric change the week before the Eurovision Finals change the lyrics ‘Undo my sad…’ to ‘Undo My Sad Love…’. Read more about it here.

4. Sanna Nielsen returned to Melodifestivalen in 2015, not as a competitor, but as co-host alongside Robin Paulsson. Nielsen has shown her diverse range of musical talent, humour and fine presenting skills in the first four heats of the competition singing a parody version of her hit song ‘Undo’, rapping En Vogue classic ‘Free You Mind’ and dancing with comedy dance act Complete Dance Crew.

5. Sanna Nielsen got engaged in 2006 in Las Vegas. She lived with her fiance in Lidingö outside of Stockholm before they split up in 2008.

6. Nielsen’s career started at several talent searches, the first being in 1992 in Olofström. In 1994 she participated in a talent search in Kallinge and won with the song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. Nielsen performed with the danceband Mats Elmes between 1995 and 1996 at the age of eleven.

7. Since then Sanna has released nine studio albums including three Christmas albums and two joint albums with fellow Melodifestivlen competitors Shirley Clamp and Sonja Alden.

8. Sanna released her first completely English language album in April 2008. The album was entitled ‘Stronger’ and featured songs ‘Strong’, ‘Magic’ and Sanna’s personal favourite song ‘Empty Room’. Listen to the song below.

9. Sanna has also been honoured with her own pastry and her own chocolate named after her.

10. In September 2014 Sanna Nielsen was approcahed by Malmo Opera House to play Lara, the female lead in the musical version of Doctor Zhivago about four young people growing up in Soviet Russia in the 1900’s.
Don’t forget to catch Sanna as she hosts the Melodifestivalen Second Chance Show on Saturday 6th March. To listen to the songs and vote for your favourites click here.


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