Third member of Armenia’s Genealogy announced!

Vahen_Tilbian_1The third member of the Armenian super group Genealogy has been revealed. Vahe Tilbian will join Essai Altounian and Tamar Kaprelian, with the other three members to be announced at a later date. The band, when fully formed, will comprise of a member from each continent with Armenian heritage and will sing the song ‘Don’t Deny’ at Eurovision in May.

Poll: Who Should Finland Choose?


finlandFinland have finalised the line up for the acts competing in their national selection process UMK on Saturday 28th February. Read on to have a look at each of the contenders and don’t forget to vote for your favourite in our poll.

Eurovision Rewind: 1988

Eurovision Rewind

Ah, 1988. The year I was born and when I totally oblivious to the joys of Eurovision. This week we take a look at the competition that propelled Celine Dion towards international success. However while Celine was riding high with the winning entry for Switzerland, we have a listen to the other end of the spectrum and Austria’s Willfired’s ‘Lisa Mona Lisa’ which came in last place with a whopping nul points! Have a listen if you dare!