Latvia pick Aminata For 2015


Aminata wins Supernova 2015

Tonight saw the national final for Latvia and Aminata come out on top in their Supernova competition. The 21 year old Riga native was successful over the other three acts; MNTHA, Markus Riva and folk band ElektroFolk.

Aminata will perform her winning song ‘Love Injected’ in the second semi final on the 21st May in Vienna. Listen to the winning song below. Have Latvia made the right choice? Let us know with your comments.

10 Things About Alexander Rybak

10 Things About..., NOW WHERE THEY AT?

alex rybak1. Alexander Igoryevich Rybak was born 13 May 1986 in Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union and is a Belorussian/Norwegian singer-composer, violinist, pianist, writer, actor and presenter/host.

2. Rybak sprung to international fame when he represented Norway in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with his infectious hit song ‘Fairytale’. He won the contest but did you know that with