Preview: Lithuania’s Eurovizijos Final


escLithuania will hold their Eurovizijos final on Saturday 21st February. The national selection process is interesting in that they have already chosen their song, placing primary focus on this. While finding the right artist to perform the song is equally important, this has become a secondary focus. Last week Lithuania opted for song ‘This Time’ as their Eurovision pick and this weekend will see them choose between three singers Mia, Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila. Ahead of the final we take a closer look at the participants.


Not to be confused with British rapper M.I.A, not that you would be in any danger of doing this as they are in no way similar apart from their names, Mia is the first of our contenders. She is a very experienced performer having placed second in last year’s contest, runner up to Vilija  Mataciunate. She has been singing since her debut song propelled her into the limelight in Lithuania in 2004 and has since gone on to have a successful career with multiple albums and also had a stint as a television presenter. Mia is at a disadvantage in that she is the only finalist who has not performed the winning song ‘This Time’ on the live shows. As well as the songs that were in the running for selection Mia has also performed Sia’s hit song ‘Chandelier’.

monika-linkyteMonika Linkyte

Monika Linkyte is also no stranger to performing having competed in Lithuania’s Got Talent. She has performed the winning song before, having sung it in last week’s seventh live show. Monika executes her performance with a sassy attitude that gives her an edge over her competitors as we saw when she performed Whitney Houston’s classic ‘Queen of the Night’.

Vaidas_BaumilaVaidas Baumila

Bearded heartthrob Vaidas Baumila seems to be Lithuania’s answer to Jamie Dornan with a little bit of Enrique Iglesias thrown in for good measure. Vaidas has a great voice and we think the most obvious choice for the win. However we think he should be disqualified for his dress sense alone. In one of the live shows when he carried out an excellent rendition of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ he wore an inexcusable white shirt, black leather pants combo. Vaidas has the added advantage of having sung the winning song on two occasions in the live shows and therefore may be more comfortable singing the song over the two female competitors in the running.

Do you agree with our views? Let us know with you comments below and don’t forget you can listen to the three finalists and vote for your favourite in our poll here.


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