Preview: Latvia’s Supernova Final


logoLatvia will hold the final of their Supernova competition on Sunday 22nd February which will see them choose their Eurovision entry for 2015 from four competing acts. The competition is quite tough and any one of the four acts could go on to be very successful in this year’s Eurovision. We take a closer look at each entry and let you know what you can expect.

AminataAminata- Love Injected

Aminata competed to be Latvia’s Eurovision act last year but only managed to place in fifth place. Already this year she has done one better by reaching the final and placing in the top 4. Animata puts me in the mind of British singer LaRoux with many of the same indie pop traits in her vocals. Her dress sense however is more akin to Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini with her slick backed hair, midriff showing and dressed in pastel orange and blue with the addition of a shell necklace. Expect a fantastic light show and a dance routine that uses only her arms.

MnthaMNTHA- Nefelibata

Hmm ‘Nefelibata’? What the hell is that? Apparently it means ‘cloud-walking’ and when you hear the song you can see that that description makes sense. The song has an electro xylophone beat that permeates throughout, the result being quite a retro song. The vocal is quite child-like and reminiscent of both Kate Bush and Kimya Dawson (Juno soundtrack). The chorus has a weird shrieking sound to it but it isn’t unpleasant. Expect some blue hair.

ElektroFolk-30Elektrofolk- Sundance

It’s all in the band’s name. It sums up the song perfectly: electrofolk. There is a great plethora of instruments from fiddles to saxophones, to a one man band, keyboards and even a guy who plays two trumpets at once. The sheer scope of instrumental talent is stressed as the band stand in a straight line and play their respective instruments in unison. Further to this the song doesn’t really have a chorus, more the music acts as a chorus. ‘Sundance’ has a great drum beat and when the fiddle kicks in in the ‘chorus’ you can’t help but love this song. All in all great fun.

MarkusMarkus Riva- Take Me Down

There is something about Markus Riva that I just can’t warm to. He begins his performance of Take Me Down on his knees, rising to his feet to give us similar staging that we saw with Aminata- a solitary performance behind microphone stand. He has a hipster bleached blonde hairstyle, wears leather baggy pants (I’m beginning to realise why I can’t warm to him) and sings an okay song with pronunciation issues. There is an echoey haunting element to ‘Take Me Down’ which I like but when he gradually breaks into an awkward camp dance routine with out stretched arms I’m back to disliking him again.

You can listen to all of the contenders and vote for your favourite in our poll here.

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