Israel choose Nadav Guedj for Eurovision 2015

Nadav Guedj is Isreal's Eurovision 2015 pick

Nadav Guedj is Isreal’s Eurovision 2015 pick

Israel’s HaKokhav HaBa aka Rising Star concluded last night with four acts competing in the final line up. Sixteen year old Nadav Guedj fended off competition from runners up Iky Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men and finalists Sari Nachmias and Avia Shoshani who were eliminated after the first round of voting to become Israel’s 2015 Eurovision candidate.

Poll: Who Should Lithuania Choose?


This week Lithuania chose their song for Eurovision, opting for the song ‘This Time’. Now their attention turns to who they should choose to sing the song. Over the past few weeks the contenders have been whittled down to just three acts. Have a listen to them below and let us know who you think Lithuania should choose for the contest in Vienna in May.