15 Things We Learned This Week

15 things we learned this week
Il Volo win Sanremo 2015

Il Volo win Sanremo 2015

1. This week another three acts were chosen, as the national finals finished up in Serbia, Iceland and Italy crowned the winner of their Sanremo Festival.

2. Serbia have opted for larger than life character Bojana Stamenov who will represent the country with her song ‘Ceo Svet Je Moj’ also known as ‘The Whole World is Mine’ in English. She beat off stiff competition from Danica Krstic and Aleksa Jelic.

Bojana Stamenov is Serbia's pick for 2015

Bojana Stamenov is Serbia’s pick for 2015

3. Iceland’s pick was Maria Olafsottdir and her song ‘Unbroken’ which was chosen over Fridrik Dor’s ‘Once Again’ and five other Icelandic hopefuls.

4. After a week of concerts, operatic boy band Il Volo were crowned the winners of Italy’s Sanremo Fetsival, the contest which was inspiration for Eurovision itself. The band will get first refusal on whether or not they will represent Italy in Vienna in May. If they decline, the Italian broadcaster will make an internal selection in their stead.

5. This week we learned of Armenia’s ambitious plans to form a super group Genealogy with members who are Armenian diaspora living in each of the world’s continents. The first member of the six-piece was announced this week as well as being French-Armenian Essai Altounian.

6. A number of national selection heats progressed this week as well. Israel have whittled their contenders down to just four;  Sari Nachmias, Avi Shoshani, Iky Levi and the Rasta Hebrew Men and Nadav Guedj. Israel will make their decision later tonight, but before they do, tell us who your favourite is in our poll.

7. Latvia have also narrowed their search down to four contenders; Aminata, MNTHA, ElektroFolk and Markus Riva. They will choose their winner on Sunday 22nd February.

8. Estonia have announced all ten participants for their final including Elephants From Neptune, Elisa Kolk, Elina Born & Stig Rästa and Daniel Levi. You can listen to all ten songs and vote in our poll here.

Melodifestivalen hosts Sanna and Robin

Melodifestivalen hosts Sanna and Robin

9. Sweden’s Melodifestivalen continued this weekend with its second heat. Qualifying directly for the final were Mariette and Alcazar’s Magnus Carlsson.

10. Qualifying for the Second Chance round of Melodifestivalen were cheeky chappies Samir and Viktor with their catchy pop hit ‘Groupie’ and Linus Svenning. They will join Dolly Style and Behrang Miri feat.
Victor Crone on 7th March to try to reach the final the following week.

11. Sanna Nielssen has a personality. Only joking. No we were surprised at how funny she has been the past few weeks as presenter of Melodifestivalen. A far cry from her understated performance at the 2014 Eurovision Final, Melodifestivalen heats have seen her performing in dance routines which show off her underwear (which inexplicably had a coat hanger emerging from the crotch) and even make fun of herself at times singing a parody version of ‘Undo’.

12. Hungary’s A Dal contest continued this week, adding the first 4 acts to their final line up. They include Adam Sazbo, Boglarka Csemer, Zoltan Mujahid and Spoon. A further 4 acts will join them when the second semi final takes place this weekend.

13. Finland have chosen three of their finalists for their UMK selection process. Jouni Aslak, Shava and Opera Skaala will join Norlan, Pertti and Satin Circus as well as another three acts who will advance from Semi Final 3 this weekend.

14. Lithuania have announced that their song for 2015 will be ‘This Time’ and will choose their performer this weekend when their final three artists Mia, Monika Linkyte and Vaidas Baumila battle it out.

15. We have saved the biggest news for the last. It is of course the history-making announcement that Australia will compete and vote and are eligible to win the Eurovision 2015 contest. They have been invited to take part by the EBU as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations as a guest nation. Speculation has been rife as to who they will choose to represent them for this one off honour.


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