Italy crowns Il Volo as winner of Sanremo


After a week of concerts, Italy have crowned Il Volo as the winner of Sanremo 2015. The Contest is the inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest and this year offers the winner the opportunity to represent Italy in Eurovision 2015. The contest sees 20 established ‘Big Artist’ acts battle it out over five nights. As well as this there is a Newcomer competition which pits eight previously unknown acts against each other. This year’s winner of the Newcomer competition was Giovanni Caccamo who sang in front of a television audience of over ten million people.

Below is a list of the contenders who were in the running for this year’s contest. But it was Il Volo who came out on top with ‘Grande Amore’. Should they choose, Il Volo will be Italy’s Eurovision entry for 2015. If they decline the entry will be chosen internally by Italian national broadcaster RAI. Other special guests at tonight’s final included Ed Sheeran and Will Smith.

Artist Song
Annalisa “Una finestra tra le stelle”
Nesli “Buona fortuna amore”
Irene Grandi “Un vento senza nome”
Nek “Fatti avanti amore”
Bianca Atzei “Il solo al mondo”
Biggio & Mandelli “Vita d’inferno”
Moreno “Oggi ti parlo così”
Lara Fabian “Voce”
Grazia De Michele & Mauro Coruzzi “Io sono una finestra”
Lorenzo Fragola “Siamo uguali”
Anna Tatangelo “Libera”
Il Volo “Grande amore”
Gianluca Grignani “Sogni infranti”
Malika Ayane “Adesso e qui (nostalgico presente)”
Dear Jack “Il mondo esplode”
Marco Masini “Che giorno è”
Nina Zilli “Sola”
Alex Britti “Un attimo importante”
Raf “Come una favola”
Chiara “Straordinario”


Listen to the winning performer below. Have Italy made the right decision? Who would you rather they picked? Let us know with you comments below.

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