Iceland: What to Expect From Tonight’s Final


Iceland will choose their Eurovision entry from a pool of seven acts tonight in their live final show. Ahead of that we take a look at what you can expect to see from the acts.

Sunday- Fjaorir

This song is dark and spooky with the echoey electronic keyboards sounding a bit like white noise from a haunting horror movie. Add to this the use of smoke machines, women dancing around the singer dressed all in white, then you can see that Sunday are really on to a winner with their staging. The song itself is also good with what sounds like the English word ‘Frosty’ being sang on refrain.

mariaMaria Olafsdottir- Litil Skref

This song is favourite to win with our readers, topping the poll for favourite Icelandic contender. When you hear Maria sing ‘Litil Skref’ you can see why. She has a very powerful voice and belts out the epic bridge and chorus to the song. It is a great anthemic ballad with great Mariah Carey-esque vocal acrobatics. The staging is also atmospheric with a similar set up to Sunday’s with smoke machine, dancers and people dressed in white. Oh and she likes to perform barefooted.

Daniel Oliver and Cadem- Fyrir Alla

Expect a very odd dance routine from Daniel and Co. They begin the performance sitting on a beach doing sitting down dancing akin to that of elderly relatives at a wedding who haven’t had enough to drink yet to get up on the dance floor proper. Move ahead thirty seconds and they’re dancing on the bench and around the stage. Just bizarre. Add to the mix Iceland’s apparent fondness for performers clad in white and the show begins to get a bit repetitive. At least one of the dancers has white jeans with holes at the knees to differentiate them from what’s gone before, and they’ve put the smoke machine away for the night.

Fridrik Dor- I Sioafa Skipti

Oops! Spoke too soon! The smoke machine is back with a vengeance for this run of the mill ballad. The song fades into obscurity because it lacks any energy and appears quite dull. The highlight of this performance will be Friorik’s amazing black and white pin stripe three piece suit. Beetlejuice watch out.

Bjorn and Friends- Piitur Og Stulka

When a performance opens with a close up of two cardboard cut outs of cartoon children there is nowhere really for it to go other than Creepsville. And Bjorn and his friends take us there in style. From Bjorn’s creepy almost child molester grimace to the band’s lingering stares at each other over the piano, you’ll not know where to look and be hoping that the end is soon in sight.

elin sifElin Sif- I Kvold

From all white to all red. Elin Sif, who looks like she is no older than 12, takes to the stage light by candlelight and singing in a minimalist setting just her, her guitar and a backing singer in the shadows. Again unfortunately the song is a bit bland.

Haukur Heidir Hauksson- Milljon Augnalik

This song sounds like it could be a great crowd pleaser with a drum beat that you can imagine everyone clapping along to. Dressed in a grey military jacket Haukur supplies us with an acceptable vocal again with smoke machine in tow.


Don’t worry if Icelandic is not your first language, all of the acts with the exception of Haukur Heidir Hauksson and Bjorn and Friends will sing a translated English version of their songs if they make it through to Eurovision. Do you have a favourite? Why not vote in our poll:

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