Eric Saade and Jessica Andersson progress to Melodifestivalen Final


Eric Saade progresses to Melodifestivalen Final with ‘Sting’

Tonight the first of the Melodifestivalen heats kicked off with a bang. Hosted by last year’s winner Sanna Nielssen and accompanied by Robin Paulsson, the show opened with the duo singing a parody of Nielssen’s winning song ‘Undo’.

Proceedings quickly moved straight to business with Molly Petersson kicking off the show with ‘I’ll Be Fine’ follwed by the second song ‘Pappa’ by Daniel Gildenlow. Going first seemed to be a curse as these two acts were the first to be eliminated from the show.

Next up was the Phantom of the Opera style pairing of Rickard Soderberg and Elize Ryd and their theatrical rendition of their song ‘One by One’ but unfortunately the performance didn’t make as big an impact as they would have liked on the voting public and they too were eliminated from proceedings.

Finishing in third and fourth place and returning to fight for a place in the final in the Second Chance show were odd anime influenced girl band Dolly Style with their song ‘Hello Hi’ and Behrang Miri and Victor Crone’s ‘We Don’t Control It’.

First to be given a spot in the final came as no surprise as the ever ‘Popular’ Eric Saade’s infectious hit ‘Sting’ proved to go down well with the entire audience. Joining him in the final will be Jessica Andersson who belted out her song ‘Can’t Hurt Me Now’ in a gold dress with wind machine in tow.

The second Melodifestivalen heat will take place the same time next week on Saturday 14th February and will see two more acts go straight through to the final to  join Saade and Andersson, as well as another two acts joining Dolly Style and Behrang Miri and Victor Crone in the Second Chance Show.

You can listen to Saade’s song ‘Sting’ below and let us know your thoughts.

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