Semi Final 2: Results

Austria's Conchita Wurst's Rising Like a Phoenix

Austria’s Conchita Wurst’s Rising Like a Phoenix

Semi Final 2 was an interesting state of affairs altogther and to me felt like a completely different show to the first semi final that happened on Tuesday. Mainly because the selection of songs vying to go through to this year’s final were must more upbeat than in semi final 1. The fewer ballads made the show all that much more enjoyable, in my opinion.

Georgia make use of weird parachute

Georgia make use of weird parachute

The show kicked off proper with Malta doing their best Mumford and Sons impression. This was quickly followed by Israel’s Mei Finegold, Norway (aka Snoreway, aka Boreway) and then perhaps the most ridiculous Eurovision performance of the year from Georgia. The Shin and Mariko performed with a crazy parachute, sang about skydivers and had a crazy woman dressed in green who seemed to have missed her cue to turn round and begin her song.

Poland were up next (Donatan wasn’t even on stage!) and to my surprise sang most of their song in Polish, which I think is a great shame because it sounds great and has a broader appeal when performed in English. There were many complaints from viewers who thought the staging was overly sexualised with the backing dancers churning butter provocatively.

Austria’s Conchita Wurst in my opinion was the star of the show and the audience seemed to agree while they cheered as she kicked off her bond-like ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’. She looks great in her gold-white gown and her superb vocal range showed off just how talented she is. The staging added to her performance as great big fiery wings illuminated in the background and the song ended with a huge big explosion of fire.

Lithuania had the unfortunate task of following that performance which paled in comparison. Finland brought an indie rock element to the semi final. Ireland pulled out all the stops with their staging with overtly celtic carving designs highlighting the stage and a fiddle and some Irish Dancing. Unfortunately Kasey Smith’s voice seemed to crack under the pressure.

Greece 'Rise Up' with their trampolining!

Greece ‘Rise Up’ with their trampolining!

Belarus’s ‘Cheesecake’ was next and upped the fun factor. Then we had Macedonia who’s Tijana, known for her designer glasses, performed specks-less! Switzerland followed with Sebalter and his whistling ‘Hunter of Stars’ and we ended with trampolining Greece and Romania with their ridiculous 360 degree piano and a really weird hug shared by singers Paula and Ovi and they finished singing their song still locked in a tight head embrace.

The interval act gave Australia the chance to appear at Eurovision for the first time ever with hugely popular singer Jessica Mauboy. I wasn’t blown away by the singer’s performance and actually thought it verged on being a car crash.

Time for the results (after a small technical glitch). It pains me to say Ireland didn’t get through and another surprise was the absence of Israel from the final. I am pleased however that Belarus’s Teo will be on stage on Saturday so at least there’s that. Below is the list of the full results.



Belarus Teo Cheesecake

Greece Freaky Fortune feat RiskyKidd Rise Up

Poland Donatan and Cleo We Are Slavic

Finland Softengine Something Better

Switzerland Sebalter Hunter of Stars

Austria Conchita Wurst Rise Like a Phoenix

Slovenia Tinkara Round and Round

Malta Firelight Coming Home

Romania Paula Seling and Ovi Miracle

Norway Carl Espen Silent Storm


Ireland Can Linn feat Kasey Smith Heartbeat

Macedonia Tijana To the Sky

LithuaniaVilija Mataciunaite Attention

Israel Mei Finegold Same Heart

Georgia The Shin and Mariko Three Minutes to Earth




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